5 Elements to Include in a Press Release


One of the most important things an organization must do when marketing a performing arts event is include information in the press. With all the planning, rehearsing, fundraising and promoting that is already going on to get ready for an event, it is very easy to overlook exactly what to include in a press release.

It is very often that if the press does not get all of this information ahead of time, then they will not release anything in the press and will move on to a different story that provides more information. All of these elements should make it easier for the reader to gain more access about the organization and event without having to dig for information.

Here is a list of five elements that should never be forgotten when writing a press release:

1. Logo: It is important to send a very high-resolution logo that the reporter will have no trouble opening. If it is too difficult to open or it does not look like high-quality, the reporter may decide not to include it or may exclude your story all together. If the reporter does include it and it is not high-resolution, then your organization will not be represented very well.

2. About us: Explain exactly what the organization is about and what its history is. Give some background on who you are and your contribution to the organization. Never forget to include contact information for yourself and the organization so the report can include in the press release but can reach you as well.

3.  Season information: Talk about what organization’s season will be like and what other events will be happening in the future.

4: Event information: This is a press release primarily about the upcoming event the organization is having. Make sure to include all the details for that so that readers will not have to dig for more information. Details to include are: Date, time, location, ticket prices and the organization’s information.

5. Reviews: Include a few good reviews that the organization has had in the past. Including quotes from old reviews is a great way to draw people in and show that others enjoyed past events.

For more tips on how to format a press release, click here.


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