How to Give a Memorable Presentation


Public speaking does not come naturally to everyone, and for some, it can be a very difficult task. However, there are a few tips that can benefit any presenter and make sure their presentation is a memorable one.

Here are a few tips that I have learned after giving presentations over the years:

  • Avoid saying “uhm”- This is a huge issue that people struggle with, including myself. It is easy to lose your train of thought while in front of a group of people, and often, saying “uhm” is a common way to figure out what to say next. I have found that it is most beneficial to practice your speech over and over and know exactly what to say next so that you are confident and not found needing to say “uhm” after every other word.
  • Make eye contact- No one likes to give a presentation to an unengaged audience who doesn’t even look at you, but similarly, no one likes to watch a presentation where the presenter doesn’t even make eye contact with the audience. If you are reading from slides or notes, make sure to look up at your audience so you can keep them engaged.
  • Reduce amount of text on slides- If you are going to use a slideshow during your presentation, make sure the slides are as simple as possible. If there is too much text, the audience is going  to be focusing on that rather than listening to the important information you have to say. Think about using images instead of text to guide your presentation.
  • Practice, practice, practice- I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to practice your speech before giving it. Whether it is practicing in a mirror or practicing in front of family and friends, any practice will help get a flow down in your head. Practicing will even make it easier to avoid saying “uhm” and hopefully will help you make more eye contact.

These are just a few tips, among many others, that every person should keep in mind when presenting. For more tips on how to give a memorable presentation, visit these sites:


Huffington Post

Business Insider


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