3 Things Music Festivals Teach PR Specialists


After spending my weekend at Sasquatch! Music Festival near the Columbia Gorge, there were a few things that I felt PR specialists could learn from music festivals in general. With the help from theblacksheepagency.com, here are a few tips for PR specialists who attend music festivals:

  1. Take a step back and appreciate what’s around you. At Sasquatch! it is crucial and inevitable to chill out and love everything around you. With all the great music, great people and great vibes, there is no way you can be stressed out. PR specialists need to be reminded of this too. It is easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed with everything going on around you, but it is necessary to take a step back and  be appreciative of everything.
  2. Prepare. No one can fully prepare for music festivals and what they have to offer; however, it is crucial to be prepared and go with the flow. This is how PR specialists should be as well. Unexpected events are often thrown at PR specialists; however, it is important that they must always be prepared and ready to do damage control.
  3. Be confident. Outkast and Kid Cudi were just some of the artists who had great stage presence at Sasquatch! this year. They performed and put on a great show that was engaging for the audience. PR specialists should do the same. Having confidence and great stage presence is something specialists must have in order to engage their audience.

For more tips on things that PR specialists can learn from music festivals, click here.


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