Professional Ballerinas are Outraged by Free People Advertisement

Free People’s recent clothing ad has left professional dancers dumbfounded and outraged. In the ad, the model is filmed wearing Free People clothing and pointe shoes. A voice-over narration is playing in the background as she talks about her love for movement and especially, her love for classical ballet.

What caused professionally trained dancers to get so upset over this advertisement was the lack of training the model seemed to have. They felt that Free People only chose this model because she had the “look” they wanted but they disregarded her technique.

Some people commented on the advertisement on YouTube saying:

“Free People, please fire your casting director ASAP. This was painful to watch and offensive to anyone who has taken more than one dance class in their life.”

“If you’re a dancer, then it hurt to watch this.”

“That was so awful. Really bad call for Free People, there are plenty of great ballet dancers out there that would of fit this part.”

There are so many people in the world who do not understand how much hard work goes into ballet. Not anyone can put on a pair of pointe shoes and expect to get good results. A lot of strength and training is involved in learning ballet and that is why professional dancers are so upset with this ad.

After the backlash caused by the advertisement, Free People made a step in the right direction. They decided to re-launch their FP movement line and partner with a well-known photographer Oliver Endahl. His fine art project is known as Ballet Zaida.

From now on, professional dancers will be modeling clothing for the FP movement line. Here are a few sneak peak pictures:




To read more about the re-launch of the FP movement line, click here.


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