4 Ways to Promote Your Production



Whether it is a dance performance, an opera, a play or a concert, every production needs to be promoted to gather awareness. It is important to realize who your target audience is and how you can advertise to them. One major factor that plays a role in how people choose to market their production is budget. However, not all advertising requires a large budget. Here are four ideas for advertising your production to build awareness.

1) Utilize social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a great way to promote productions, and it is FREE! You can create a hash tag on Twitter and Instagram that relates to the performance, and you can create an event on Facebook that keeps people up-to-date and it’s a place where you can post pictures and information about your performance.

2) Team up with other productions. It is always a great idea to put an advertisement in the program of a different production to target an audience who you know is interested in the performing arts. Audience members usually have plenty of time before the performance and during intermission to look through the playbill, and often, this is where audience members discover other upcoming performances they would like to attend. This may not be the cheapest option, but it is very effective.

3) Hang up posters.  This is a great way to grab people’s attention and to get your local neighborhood businesses involved. It is also a low-cost way to spread the word about your upcoming performance. The easiest way to go put posters up is to go around to different areas in your town and ask businesses if they will allow you to put up a poster. Some businesses do not always allow this, but a lot love helping out the performing arts.

4) Create a commercial. This is a big one and more often than not, production companies do not have the budget for this. However, if you do have the budget, advertising your production on the radio or television is a great way to get the attention of others.

The most effective way to market your production is to use three or four of these techniques, depending on your budget. For information on how to launch a PR campaign or tips on how to use social media sites, click here.


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