National Dance Week

It’s National Dance Week and dance companies around the world are using this occasion to promote their companies more than ever before. This year National Dance Week falls on the week of April 25-May 4 and it is a way to promote and appreciate the art of dance. This week-long event was started in 1981 and was declared a non-profit organization in 2011.

National Dance Week’s Mission Statement:

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 8.09.31 PM

National Dance Week has become a bigger event over the past few years due to the increase of users on social media sites, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Dance has also become more appreciated around the world because of the amount of entertainment shows that include dance. For example, So you Think you can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Dance Moms, Breaking Pointe, etc.

This year, Dance Oregon, a student-run group at the University of Oregon, has decided to honor National Dance Week by offering free classes to anyone and everyone. The classes offered are a variety of different levels and feedback is given to help others improve. This is to help others become more aware of dance and step out of their comfort zone by taking a free dance class.

Dance companies and organizations built awareness of how they were participating in National Dance Week by posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and hashtagging “NationalDanceWeek.”

To see updates of what others have been doing this past week, look up #NationalDanceWeek on social media sites!


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