3 Ways to Find the Core


Core messages are a very important component of writing. They draw the reader in and set the tone for how the rest of the paper will go. Without it, the reader may feel lost, bored and unengaged.

Here are three things to think about when trying to find the core message:

1. Evaluate who your audience is

It is important to do this so that you are writing for the appropriate audience. This may be a determining factor when trying to decide on what your core message will say. If you are writing a piece that is targeted towards PR specialists, then make that clear in the first sentence so that your audience is able to have a clear view of how the paper will continue.

2. Determine the most important message in your writing

This is essentially the most important step when finding the core message. Think about what it is that you really want your audience to remember and what the main point is that you are trying to get across. This should always be the lead in your writing. It is important to start with the most important message and have the unimportant components at the bottom. This way, the message will stick with the reader.

3. What do you want your audience to do?

If you are writing about skin cancer awareness and you never say what you want the audience to do and how you suggest they prevent it, then the core message must not be that strong. Always consider what you want the audience to do when writing the lead sentence. This is a very important step.

For more information and tips on core messaging, click here.


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